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Reynolds Home Improvement Will Fix Your Roof Safely

When homeowners encounter roofing problems, the issues can be frustrating and dangerous to deal with. There is a temptation to fix the roof yourself, but if you are not experienced at repairing or installing roofs, you could make a mistake that could cause further problems. And if you are not used to being on a roof, there is a danger of falling off and getting seriously injured or worse. Let the roofing professionals of Reynolds Home Improvement take over. Call us at (540) 293-5554 before you climb up to the roof.

Experienced Professionals Repair Roofs the Right Way In Roanoke & Salem, VA

Reynolds Home Improvement highly recommends hiring us to repair or install your roof or shingles because we have over 17 years of experience in the field, as well as the equipment and knowledge to rebuild or repair the roof the right way. Plus, we are insured and have a crew working on the roof that can get the job done safely and quickly. We make sure that you will not have to deal with any more roofing problems for years to come.

Roofing Styles and Shingles Give us Advantage

Reynolds Home Improvement has completed all kinds of roofing jobs and has used many different types of roofing material and many styles of shingles. We truly are the leader in the roofing field in Southern Virginia. We use trusted brand names like CertainTeed (shingles) and EPDM (liquid roof coating) in our roof work.

Roofing Services Provided by Reynolds Home Improvement

Metal Roofing
Flat and Sloped Roofing
Roof Inspection
Asphalt Shingles
Fiberglass Shingles

Do You Know What the Problem Is? Let Us Find It

The source of roofing problems can be difficult to figure out sometimes. Does your roof have a leak, or several leaks? Have you noticed that the shingles are severely discolored or some are missing? There are several things that could cause problems with a roof, and the roofing leaders at Reynolds Home Improvement have seen most of them in more than 17 years, including:

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Roofs Decrease Heating and Cooling Costs

Upon the completion of your professional roofing project by Reynolds Home Improvement, the difference in your home can be experienced right away. You will be comforted to know that there is a well-built, durable roof above you that will likely cut down on your heating and cooling costs. You no longer will have to keep buckets around to catch the rain. Our professionals will make sure that the roof we repair or install will last for years to come.

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